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MVES Special Caring Connection Mar 19
Posted 3/23/20

Hello Monte Vista Families,


We hope you are all coping well during this unique, interesting, and stressful time. It is definitely new territory for many, if not all, of us. We assume you are doing well because we haven't needed to tap into any additional resources at this time - but we want to remind you that we are to help if needed. 


This 2nd SPECIAL EDITION CARING CONNECTION is (again) full of all kinds of useful ~ and some silly ~ information and resources. Feel free to let us know if these newsletters are helpful to you or not. You are also welcome to send in videos or photos of what you and your kiddos are up to during this time.


We'd also like to note that many of you - our dear Monte Vista parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, family members ~ are continuing to serve our community in a variety of high-stress, much-needed ways during this time. We know many of you are truly unsung heroes right now. Thank you to our....

  • childcare providers
  • store employees 
  • food and meal providers
  • first responders
  • doctors
  • nurses
  • police and fire employees
  • government employees
  • corrections staff
  • custodial staff everywhere who are cleaning everything!
  • volunteers 
  • donors 
  • utility, trash, transportation, and internet workers
  • members of the media who are covering the news and keeping all of us up to date
  • teachers, of course - most of who are not required to but are continuing to communicate with your children and families and providing opportunities for engaging learning and connections 
  • and anyone else I may have forgotten .... thank you!

Thank you, too, for staying home. Thank you for understanding the importance of social distancing, for not gathering in large groups, for helping keep all of us safe by keeping yourselves safe. 

Stay in touch with us. Be well. Be safe. Wash your hands and stay home! #alltogethernm


Peace and Gratitude .... Paula Jackson